Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer Statement

1. All models photography are for illustration purposes only. 

2. Product designs, color, measurement are based on actual product item as the standard. 

3. No cancellation/refundable is allowed after order form submitted. 

4. Good sold are strictly not refundable/exchangable. 

5. Please refer to Ocean Boutique Online Store terms & conditions for the details. 

Terms & Conditions

1. Please make sure you are order the correct item (please provide the item code, color and quantity)

2. All items sold out are strictly not returnable or refundable for any reason

3. No changes or cancellation allow after submitted the order form

4. Please make sure the delivery address provided is valid, buyer need to bear the full cost incurred if any return parcel from courier service provider due to "Bad Address"

5. Please check the order items immediately after received, report the defect issue to Ocean Boutique within 3 working days if any. No warranty will be accepted after the warranty period.

6. Ocean Boutique reserved the right not to accept the warranty case if buyer not provided the neccessary information within the warranty period. (please refer to warranty instruction for details)

7. Buyers can refer Guide & FAQ for further details



1. 模特儿照片只能作为参考作用。

2. 产品的设计,颜色,尺寸将以实际产品为标准。

3. 下单后,取消订单或退款的要求一概不受理。

4. 售出的产品,一概不接受退款或换款。

5. 更多详情,请阅读Ocean Boutique Online Store的购买条规。 


1. 请确认你订购正确的货品 (请提供货品的编号,颜色和数量)。

2. 所售货品不接受退货或换货的要求。

3. 下单后,不接受换款或取消订单。

4. 请确认送货的地址资料正确,如果地址的问题导致送货员把货品退回,买家需要承担所有的邮费。

5. 收到货品后,请马上检查。在收到货品3天内,向我们举报有问题的货品。超过限期所举报的货品,一概不受处理。

6. Ocean Boutique 有权利不接受处理问题货品,如顾客没有提供所有所需要的资料(请参考warranty详情)。

7. 其他详情,买家可以参考购买指南和FAQ。